I can develop custom drupal modules to achieve tremendous features which you can not achieve using contributed modules.

The custom modules can be developed to obtain features which may vary to any level including:

  • Student/teacher portal with extensive level of slots allowing for teachers & students to learn & teach online and schedule class online.
  • University admission/examination system based on various departments & centres.
  • Organizations employees progress/payroll system including payout methods like paypal, authorize.net and any other payment method you want.
  • Contact me (Muhammad Asim Dewan) for any feature you want to implement on your drupal website.

I am dealing with DRUPAL website building, theming, coding, and module development since 2008, when drupal 5 was in the market. Now in Drupal 9. So about 13 years from now on I am dealing with DRUPAL.

Please visit my profile (Muhammad Asim Dewan) on drupal.org to see how old I am doing website development in drupal CMS.

Drupal Developer - Muhammad Asim Dewan


I have strong command on managing servers based on Linux/Unix/Ubuntu including Linode with SSH commands. 

I can professionally execute SHELL commands on SSH with root sudo level access privileges.

I can execute SSH Shell commands on the server terminal to:

  • Create new linode instances for your websites.
  • Install new websites on linode server with SSL configuration.
  • Installing MYSQL on Apache or Nginx servers to handle PHP 7 or 8 versions.
  • Create databases, users, and establish connections to utilize databases for the websites.
  • Installing firewall to protect websites from hackers.
  • Contact me (Muhammad Asim Dewan) if you need Linode server management services from a true professional to meet your requirements.

I am a true professional to write HTML/CSS/jQuery/bootstrap/React.js code to develop awesome UI/UX designs for the front look, layouts for your websites in DRUPAL CMS.

My frontend skills include:

  • Layered-based PSDs to HTML/CSS conversion of Drupal 8,9 customized themes using TWIG templates structure.
  • Desktop/Mobile/Tablet layouts conversion using Flex/CSS3/SaaS. The website will look perfect on all screen resolutions and devices.
  • All website pages will be responsive/browser-compatible so these look great on the eye as I use the latest technologies like bootstrap 5 & React JS.
  • My approach will be pixel-perfect coding standards to apply in order to design templates so I meet a high level of UI/UX.
  • Contact me (Muhammad Asim Dewan) if you need a high level of UI/UX layouts for the front look of your websites.