I can develop custom drupal modules to achieve tremendous features which you can not achieve using contributed modules.
I am dealing with DRUPAL website building, theming, coding, and module development since 2008, when drupal 5 was in the market. Now in Drupal 9.
I have strong command on managing servers based on Linux/Unix/Ubuntu including Linode (Cloud Computing) with SSH commands.
I am a true professional to write HTML/CSS/jQuery/bootstrap/React.js code to develop awesome UI/UX designs for the front look, layouts for your websites in DRUPAL CMS.

Recent Technologies I Work With

17 May 2016

Drupal 9, Composer, Drush, React.js with Bootstrap 5 with twig templates.

Working on Drupal 9 as the latest version of Drupal CMS. Installing drupal modules & themes using composers 1& 2. Using Drush as a command-line utility to perform various drupal functions without having access to the Drupal GUI. React.js with Bootstrap 5 in twig template structure of Drupal 8,9.

In the current era of technologies, React.js is a JavaScript library for building awesome user interfaces for DRUPAL websites. With the inclusion of bootstrap 5 with react.js library, it has been a more powerful combination to develop custom themes in DRUPAL 8,9 CMS with twig templates injunction. I have top-notch coding experience to develop fast-loading websites in DRUPAL CMS. Even if you have millions of records, your website pages will load within a time of eye blink.

I am using CiviCRM as the content relationship management system to organize events, user management, and a lot more in Drupal.

Contact me (Muhammad Asim Dewan) if you need frontend services to improve the UI/UX experience of your website in react.js & bootstrap 5, or backend development services to enhance custom features in your Drupal website. 

My mission as a programmer

As I am working as a Full-Stack web developer since 2008, I have a strong grip on the latest web development technologies, including both frontend & backend, my mission is to provide high-quality services to my clients all over the world. I have shared my coding experience as a "Tech Blog" on this website so other programmers/developers can get the benefit from this blog as well. I am sharing my 13 years of experience with all of the developer communities around the world. You can find my Tech Blog here.

Overview of my skills

Here is an overview of my other skills as a full-stack Drupal developer. Please contact me if you need a professional drupal developer for your websites.

I have a strong grip on jQuery & React.js with Bootstrap 5 which helps me to build awesome UI/UX layouts for DRUPAL 8, 9 websites.

Composer, which is a must for drupal 8, 9 websites, is an application-level package manager PHP. I have developed tons of websites in drupal using composer. You can drop me a message if you want to develop your websites using composer any version including 1 & 2.

CiviCRM is a sky rocket content relationship management system. I have tons of experience in building organizational-level websites in Drupal-based CiviCRM.

My Happy Clients