"Annonces Coiffure Quebec" is a #Drupal9 website that has been developed for our prospect. People can offer their properties to sell/rent, find jobs and find talent for their projects. This website has been developed in #French more details are here:



"My perfect Workplace" has been developed in #Drupal8. Our client is facilitating folks for getting space on rent for their offices to establish their businesses. People can offer their free space to be available for rent as well. More details are here.


"Mkgamta" is a #Drupal7 based website developed for my client where she is managing various places. Every place can hold an event. There are various types of event categories there. This website has been developed in #Lutheran language. More details are here:


"Makro Treff" is a german bases website developed in #Drupal8 for our client. This website is a meeting place for macro photography. More details are here:


"SlickDeals" is an e-commerce store developed in #Drupal for our client in order to sell multiple types of items including dresses, electronics, and toys. There are many categories in which our client is uploading products to sell. More details are here:



"Body Alignment For Life" is the #Drupal7 website developed for our client. She is managing a physical fitness training institute. More details are here:


"Lam Equipment Store" is an e-commerce store developed to sell bobcat machines. Our client is selling used & new machines on this website. We have implemented react.js in #Drupal 8 on this website. There is a perfect search system that has been applied called Elastic Search. 

More details are here.